Dare to make your seating place a luxury experience you cannot forget...
Dare to make your seating place a luxury experience you cannot forget...
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74 Grant Avenue, in the buzzing main street of the Norwood neighbourhood, Johannesburg, South Africa. One degree down. Government service behind me, and an opportunity to start my own Physiotherapy Practice. 10 Years down the line, 3 practices later, following suit in a family decision to use our Dutch heritage to take us to England, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. In the first lockdown we noticed a MASSIVE spike in back and neck pain due to POOR POSTURE, STRESS and POOR DESK SETUPS, as most companies moved their employee’s workstations into their private spaces.

Furthermore, the pandemic happened while in second year MBA at Henley Business School, Reading, where I am learning new skills on how to grow businesses. Dare to Chair was the Solution birthed to bridge the gap we saw, as people were less able to move, and more bound to sustained positions. While we wanted to bridge this gap causing pain and discomfort due to sustained positions by offering seating solutions, we also wanted to offer more ACTIVE solutions. We therefore decided to expand our reach to ANY niche seated product that would address seating needs… massage chairs for pain… gaming and ergonomic chairs for gamers and corporates… quality go-carts and electric bikes to advocate active movement and outdoors.

We want to be an informative, easy, affordable, and quality platform that meets the needs of people with posture and pain issues caused by poor sustained positions. We aim to be professional, informative, and true to our word.

Along the way, we will make mistakes, but we will grow and always get better until we are the best. We value feedback. So please, leave us a review, and help us to serve you better!

We love people. We love solving problems. It’s why we do what we do.

Best regards         

Tamarr Schroeder [Founder]