BERG Duo Coaster E-BFR
BERG Duo Coaster E-BFR

BERG Duo Coaster E-BFR

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BERG Duo Coaster

The BERG Duo Coaster is the new two-person go-kart built on an XXL frame BFR. The go-kart offers a fantastic driving experience due to its light weight and dual drive. The go-kart's BFR system gives it a coaster brake and allows you to pedal backwards. When assembling the go-kart you can choose to give it left-hand or right-hand steering.
Driving pleasure for ages 6 and up
The BERG Duo Coaster is fun for one or for two. The seats can be adjusted to allow you to ride in them from the age of six. But even if you’re two metres tall, you’ll still fit.

  • Sturdy pneumatic tyres with extra tread
  • The BFR system drives the 18" wheels with all-terrain pneumatic tires. You use your pedals to go forward or brake and you can just as quickly reverse again.
  • Available as E-Duo Coaster
  • The Duo Coaster is also available in an E-BFR version with an electric 250 W mid-motor. The torque sensor provides light support when you apply a small amount of force, and more power when you press harder on the pedals.
  • Extra road-holding performance thanks to swing axles
  • The Duo Coast is fitted with an extremely robust frame with an integrated swing axle. This gives it extra handling and safety.

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